About me

I’m Alan Lenhoff.  Vintage keys nut. Road cyclist.  Media person.  Writer. Husband and father.  Michigan USA.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Alan, Dave here again, I had a question for you about the Gibson 101, again, what type of transistors do you use for them ? I’m more familiar with the germanium transistors on farfisa,etc. I can’t find any info regarding them..Also I found the right bulb and LDR’s on ebay. I didn’t realize Radio Shack was still in operation. Sorry to be a pain. thanks again , Dave


    1. Hi Dave:

      The Gibson tone generator transistors are just ordinary low-power silicon transistors. (Once again, easily found at Radio Shack.) I’m not sure if they are PNP or NPN transistors. You can find lots of online sources that will tell you how to use a meter to check one of your existing transistors to determine if its NPN or PNP. Are you having divider issues?

      The dirty little secret is that on many combo organs, you can replace Ge transistors in the divider stages with silicon ones, I recently did that on an Italian Continental, and confirmed with a scope that the waveforms were identical. And since they are more stable than Ge transistors, it’s actually more likely to be a long-lived fix.



  2. hi alan, thanks for that info ! I wasn’t able to get the highest F# note, if the Mixture tab was on, when I shut the Mixture tab off , I was able to get the high F# , I thought I might have had a bum transistor on the highest divider on the F# card. Also, I was able to get the repeat percussion working… if I shut off a couple of the yellow tabs and did some poking around. I have to keep turning the pot every little while to keep it consistent. It actually came back to life for now anyways. Thanks again, dave


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